Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time-lapse photo of Falcon 1 under the stars

This amazing photo just came in from the SpaceX team on the ground in Kwaj. Man, I miss being there. (not that I ever was there)

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Elon (my bro') wins an Oscar

Well, he actually won a George. But it's the rocket industry's version of an Oscar. Elon just received the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics George M. Low Space Transportation Award for 2008. Maybe we should call it a 'Jorge'? No? Okay, a George.

The award is presented for a timely outstanding contribution to the field of space transportation. I think Elon qualifies for that one. :)

It will be awarded at the annual AIAA Space 2008 Conference in September.

Wait! It's better than an Oscar because it's only given out every two years. Yay Bro!

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Falcon 1 is vertical

Weather conditions are good right now for the launch window that opens on Friday. The base have given us five days to find a time to launch. The final decision will be based on conditions on the ground. The priority is always the safety and reliability of the vehicle, and the successful delivery of the Defense Department and NASA satellites to orbit.

That being said, doesn't it just look cool as heck?

[damn. Blogger is down and won't let me upload photos. I've reposted this picture on my typepad blog. check it out here]

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Launch window coming up!

We're now 4 days away from the launch window for the Falcon 1 flight 3 vehicle, equipped with SpaceX's new Merlin 1C regeneratively cooled engine. Launch window is August 1-5, and launch will occur out of our favorite launch base in the world, Kwaj.

For those that missed it, there was a successful static fire on June 25th. For those that don't remember how cool a static fire is, check out this video of the static fire from Falcon 1 Demoflight 2.

Falcon 1 Flight 3 will carry the Trailblazer satellite for the Jumpstart Program of the Department of Defense’s Operationally Responsive Space Office (ORS). Additional secondary payloads include an adapter system developed by the government of Malaysia that holds two small NASA satellites.

Payload being encapsulated in the ferring

Vehicle the night before rollout to the launch pad

I'll keep you updated as I hear more...

(check this page to stay up-to-date Falcon 1 using Me.dium Social Search)

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