Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mission Abort Summary

The mission has been scrubbed until early next year. The cause of the abort is as follows:

1. During the high winds, we put the countdown on hold and began draining the fuel tank.
2. As the fuel tank was draining from the 1st stage RP1 tank, a faulty pressurization valve caused a vacuum condition in the tank.
3. This caused the fuel tank section of stage 1 to deform and suck inward.

Very painful to watch. Like in those movies when someone takes a hammer to a brand new ferrari. These sort of things should be divinely protected.

Thankfully there does not appear to be any other damage. The rocket will have to be lowered and placed in the hanger for thorough inspection.

Current expectations for the next launch attempt is late January.

'til next time.

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1 comment:

raptorantill said...

You guys are doing a great Job. Missiles take time to send up. Just think most of them are finaced by the goverment. You guys are the best props