Friday, August 18, 2006

And the winner is...

What do you do when really crazy good things happen to you. The kind of crazy good things that not only are too good to be true, but in fact are so rare in occurrence that it becomes almost nonsensical.

Like SpaceX getting to build the next Space Shuttle.

Well, you smile. You smile a really goofy, uncontrolled smile.

Like this one:

A stand-in for a SpaceX employee after the announcement

Seriously though, it is crazy. Here is a company that is barely four years old, but working as hard as they can to make a difference in an industry that was slowly dying from asphyxiation.

And what happens? The government actually considers that a good thing!! Whoa! What happened? I thought the government was supposed to squeeze the last breath out of these sort of efforts.

Turns out that someone different is running the show. Someone that said the way of the past hasn't been as successful as we might like to pretend.

Apparently spending an average of $1.3 Billion per shuttle launch isn't as practical as they once thought. [To be fair, that number is the total money spent on the shuttle program divided by number of shuttles launched, not the marginal cost of each launch - still, that's a lot of pesos]

Un-freaking believable. Congrats to the SpaceX team.

Oh yeah, and if you're wondering when the next launch of Falcon1 will occur, we're targeting before the end of the year.



Disclaimer: Nothing has changed and this is still not official SpaceX information. Please refer to the appropriate people at SpaceX for any and all launch information.

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inigmatus said...

Congrats to SpaceX for getting COTS. I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship. I also predict that SpaceX will be noted in history as the most noticible beginning of the commercial space revolution.

Perhaps one day she will step out to designing ships to Mars and beyond?

One launch at a time...

ザイツェヴ said...

I think it's great that you post something between launch campaigns.

Congratulations on the COTS win.

ralphtherodent said...

would appreciate larger pix, plz ...

Comga said...

Remember, NASA has a history of awarding contracts, particularly for spacecraft, to the company LEAST likely to succeed. Let's hope SpaceX can prove them wrong.

Current plans have the next launch, with luck the first success, just before the fifth "birthday" of SpaceX. The COTS schedule has full flights, possibly a delivery to the ISS, within the next three and a half years. This would be quite an acceleration.

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Elwood Jetson said...

Sorry, this is a VERY off-topic question. I'm working from the premise that the SpaceX employees are just as innovative in their personal lives as they are in their commercial endevours.

The question I have is: where/how do you educate your kids? Specifically, I'm looking for recommendations for online elementary schools that provide early introductions to technical topics.

Thank you in advance.

Elwood Jetson said...

As a start, I've found: