Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gearing up...

In the Control Room on Kwaj

The SpaceX team are back on Kwaj gearing up for a launch over the next few months.

Sunset on Omelek with the Upgraded Falcon 1

Current status for Falcon 1 is good with the full wet dress rehearsal complete. For those that don't remember what a wet dress rehearsal is, it's when the SpaceX team take the launch vehicle through the full countdown, within one minute of T-zero.

That includes evacuating the launch pad crew off the island, and filling all fuel tanks, taking the vehicle through all checks for launch, up until firing the engines.

It's great news that the wet dress showed only a few non-critical issues.

A static fire is the next step, which is the same as above, but the engines will fire while the rocket is held down. The static fire could happen as soon as Saturday. The reason for the rush is because Kwaj needs to reconfigure for an incoming missile test and the window we've got for the static fire is tight.

Anybody seen an incoming Missile Test before?

I'll keep sending updates as I get them. Once we get close to launch, I'll get everyone the Webcast information. I will post as soon as I have it.

Disclaimer: Nothing has changed and this is still not official SpaceX information. Please refer to the appropriate people at SpaceX for any and all launch information. http://www.spacex.com

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CE Auke said...

Welcome back Kimbal! Wish you'd started earlier with the updates. It was awfully quiet lately. Thanks for the updates! It's well appreciated

Kimbal said...

Sorry about going dark for so long. Been crazy busy.

I'm back now though :)

Zachstar said...

Might want to put a bigger res pic of the incoming test missile next time.

Stings that yall have to move the rocket back, However I understand how difficult this process is...

Going to be interesting when yall go through the checks for Falcon 9! I also guess you have another 500 checks to add to that when there is a COTS Dragon on it as well.. :P

Thanks for the updates PLEASE tell us anything you have time to tell. Elon said on the site that a webcast of the static fire is boring. I do not agree as there are many of us wanting to see how the process has changed even for a static fire.

To pass the time yall ought to make falcon 1 an ORBITER addon :P www.orbitersim.com

Good Luck!!

ザイツェヴ said...

Meanwhile, Elon posted an official update where he cautions about the imminent delays.

And yes, nice having Kimball back.

kert said...

Did the static fire occur this weekend ?

ザイツェヴ said...

Negative, static fire is cancelled. Elon said they already lowered the vehicle and put it into the tent.

Zachstar said...

It's slow...

Can you start posting updates are even personal blogs again?

François said...


Elon says new launch windows now begins on March 19th.
Any "insider" news ?!

kert said...

thats a week away now .. and there was another static fire scheduled .. no updates ?

CE Auke said...

Aren't you guys happy when you check back and you see one more message over here :-p . Sorry to spoil your fun... No sign of anything yet.