Saturday, April 19, 2008

Falcon 1 ships to Kwaj for June Launch

Flight 3 of Falcon 1 heads to Kwajalein, with the upgraded Merlin 1C engine.

This flight will carry the DoD's (Department of Defense's) ORS (Operationally Responsive Space) office's first JMP (Jumpstart Mission Payload) into orbit.

I wonder if texting actually started with the Department of Defense? They certainly keep to their abbreviations, imnsho. :/

From the SpaceX blog:
"In addition to the ORS primary payload, Flight 003 will also carry a rideshare adapter experiment for ATSB of Malaysia (the primary customer for the following Falcon 1 launch, F1-004), and two CubeSat"

I'll keep you updated.


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John Benac said...

When is the launch date supposed to be?

Tom Cuddihy said...

Celestis (one of the riders) is saying no earlier than 10 Jun...

dave996 said...

The "send human shes into space group also claims to be manifested on the Falcon1 launch in June.
Is that correct?

dave996 said...

The SpaceX news release said the launch is no earlier than June 10th

farpung said...

About the Falcon 1 launch date. "The earliest possible time for the first countdown attempt of Falcon 1 (not necessarily launch) is projected to occur sometime between June 26 and July 7.... "However, until we complete the static fire and have a chance to analyze data, please assume that there is not even an official launch date range,” Elon Musk, chief of SpaceX told me today via email. He said that the launch date for the Falcon 1’s third flight is not known at this time."
Quoted from

farpung said...

About payload and ashes:
"This next rocket flight is loaded with payloads, including a mission of the U.S. Department of Defense Operationally Responsive Space Office (ORS), dubbed Jumpstart - SpaceDev’s Trailblazer spacecraft bus.

Also onboard is other gear, such as NASA and Cornell University hardware, as well as 208 memorial spaceflight participants, the largest number of “cremains” carried spaceward as part of the Celestis Explorers Flight program. "
Also quoted from:

farpung said...

The link got cut off in the above postings. After "/spacex-" add falcon-rocket-third-flight-the-charm/

farpung said...

On the other hand, Wikipedia states the optimistic launch time of 23 June 2008 23:00.