Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Perfect launch!

Man what a day. For those that missed the action on Sunday, check out my twitters. The launch went perfectly, taking off exactly on time and delivering a 360 pound aluminum dummy satellite to orbit. Emotions were high and it was cheers and hugs all round when the rocket reached orbit.

Here's an awesome video by one of the folks at SpaceX. Congrats to everyone there. A truly amazing achievement.

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Ed said...

The folks at SpaceX weren't the only ones cheering - everyone at Bigelow and Scaled and XCOR and all the other private space companies was right there beside you cheering SpaceX on. A triumph like that is good for the whole industry. Congratulations to Elon and the whole team.

-- Mangrove Tom -- said...

Wow! Inspiring launch! Best wishes for Falcon 9; I can't wait!

ザイツェヴ said...

Gary Hudson continues to say that there's no elasticity in the market and Elon is wrong, yada yada. So TII is getting built with 1 to 2 flights a year in mind. There's still a long way ahead... it always is.