Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Static Fire Analysis

From all preliminary accounts, the static fire went off without a hitch.

T-Minus 1s

Falcon was held down for almost three seconds of thrust (T+0.5s), part of which the rocket was under its own guidance and control. i.e. it was on it's way before we shut down the engines.

All systems were green and no aborts were triggered.

In past static fires, the computer has alerted us to every tiny thing that goes wrong. In the case of the static fire over the week-end, a glitch in the video camera caused the whole launch to abort. That may not sound like a serious issue, but every piece of the rocket needs to work perfectly before we can assure a smooth launch.

Today and tomorrow will be a time to analyse all the data around the static fire. If nothing negative comes up, the launch will happen on Thursday at 1pm California time.


I'd rather be in Kwaj :(

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ザイツェヴ said...

You know, I always wondered if Mrs. Molina cleared you to share this. :-)

brandido said...


Thank you so much for your ongoing efforts to keep us informed in a timely and amusing fashion. I understand that the people at SpaceX are a little pre-occupied with their efforts to launch a rocket, so appreciate you filling in and keeping us space enthusiasts up to date!


Tony Plank said...

I too enjoy the updates. Thanks for taking the time.

inigmatus said...

This is one of the best fake scifi blogs ever! I always knew you were in Boulder. You almost make it seem like there actually is a private company launching rockets. Ha! It's fun to read and provides amusement while I'm at work. Keep up the good work!