Friday, March 24, 2006

T-minus 2 Hours!

The launch is 2 hours away.

Analysis of the static fire was good.

You'll all be happy to know that in addition to honing our rocket launching skills, we have been honing our webcasting prowess.

Video kills the blogging star:



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efinnerty said...

Since you can't hang in the control room, you might as well come hang out with the NASA guys in the forums where we are all watching the feed now.

Sabrina Yohai said...


Your blog is my best friend on launch days! Thanks for the updates.

Good luck to Falcon and gang-- Fingers crossed for that wind to die down...

Sabrina (Friend of Steve Davis AND Spacex)

ps-- Hi Jo!

Ed said...

Hopefully we don't overload spacex's servers. Thanks for the inside look at all of this, Kimbal.